In this episode of The Learning FM Podcast, I explain how to bring value to facility management. I explain both tangible and intangible value within the scope of managing your built environment.  We then look at how building value increases your worth to your company and makes you a truly indispensable asset.  So many times, facility managers can be thought of as only a cost center that sucks operating capital out of the pockets of the organization.  We need to change that mindset.

Join me in this podcast and then leave your comments.  I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts on how we all can build value together.

What you will learn in Episode 2 of How to Bring Value to Facility Management:
  • What tangible value FMs bring to the profession.
  • The intangible value opportunities that exist for us.
  • How to capitalize on both.
  • How to reduce costs and help other departments increase revenue.
  • How leading your organization brings value.
  • How to be the easy button and what that means.

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