So, you might be wondering, “What does Crypto have to do with FM?”  As it turns out – maybe a lot.  Join me on Episode 41 of The Learning FM Podcast, where we delve into what cryptocurrency is and, more importantly, the tech behind it.

What you will learn in LFM 041: What is Cryptocurrency?

  • What crypto is
  • What the blockchain is
  • Possible uses for blockchain technology in our future

As a facility manager, knowing what to do and when is vitally important.  This is a huge job and you can’t do it in a vacuum.  There is a lot of technical information to know, industry-specific information to understand, interpersonal attributes to learn, financial impacts of your decisions, and so much more.  These are my answers to some of my most recent listener questions. Please join me every Tuesday on The Learning FM Podcast for new information on Facility Management and the four knowledge domains.

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So, without further ado, listen closely and email me with any questions you have at  Thanks for listening!