This episode of The Learning FM Podcast is all about managing the unmanageable.  We all have dealt with employees that seem to be problem children and it’s easy to spend the majority of your time dealing with those few bad apples.  Here’s how I deal with managing the unmanageable.

What you will learn in LFM 037: Managing the Unmanageable:

  • What are unmanageable employees?
  • Steps in tackling this problem
    • Time to decide
    • Have a conversation
    • Explain things
    • Follow-up
    • Discipline

As a facility manager, knowing what to do and when is vitally important.  This is a huge job and you can’t do it in a vacuum.  There is a lot of technical information to know, industry-specific information to understand, interpersonal attributes to learn, financial impacts of your decisions, and so much more.  These are the best ways I’ve found to deal with challenging employees.

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So, without further ado, listen closely and email me with any questions you have at  Thanks for listening!