This episode of The Learning FM Podcast is explains the difference in my four FM Knowledge Domains and IFMA’s eleven Core Competencies!

As a facility manager, there is a lot to know.  While I absolutely believe in IFMA’s eleven competencies, I am advocate for becoming an expert in four FM Knowledge Domains.  These domains are foundational to who you are as a facility manager.  They are integral to what it is that you do every day.  In this podcast, I explain my reasoning behind choosing these four, what they are all about, and how they compare to IFMA’s eleven core competencies.

What you will learn in the Knowledge Domains vs Core Competencies podcast is:

  1. My Experience with IFMA and as a FM
  2. The Four FM Knowledge Domains –
    1. Operations and Maintenance
    2. Project Management
    3. Business Finance
    4. Leadership
  3. IFMA’s Eleven Core Competencies –
    1. Communication
    2. Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity
    3. Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability
    4. Finance and Business
    5. Human Factors
    6. Leadership and Strategy
    7. Operations and Maintenance
    8. Project Management
    9. Quality
    10. Real Estate and Property Management
    11. Technology

Please join me every Tuesday on The Learning FM Podcast for new information on Facility Management and the four knowledge domains.  If you enjoyed this episode, check out the articles I write on Project Management.

So, without further ado, listen closely and email me with any questions you have at  Thanks for listening!

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