This episode of The Learning FM Podcast is all about Emergency Response and Planning in Facility Management.

As a FMs, we have a lot on our plate.   We must ensure continued operations through all kinds of turmoil, from employee issues to unforeseen equipment failures.  But, what happens when the unthinkable happens?  What happens when a natural disaster or other emergency occurs?  How can we prepare ourselves to respond effectively when facing a crisis?

What you will learn in the Emergency Response and Planning podcast is:

  1. Creating an Emergency Response Plan
  2. Conducting a Risk Assessment
  3. Identifying Mitigations for Potential Hazards
  4. Responsibilities for FMs
  5. Tips to Consider

Resources I referenced during this podcast can be found here:

  1. Emergency Response Plan from
  2. An Emergency Planning Guide for Facilities by Robert Lang, CPP –
  3. National Incident Management System
  4. University of Maryland Facilities Management Emergency Operations Plan

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So, without further ado, listen closely and email me with any questions you have at  Thanks for listening!