This episode of The Learning FM Podcast covers Creating a Safety Program!

As a facility manager, you must be knowledgeable about industry shifts in required components of the built environment.  One huge category we must consider is safety in the workplace.  Whether you are directly responsible for your organization’s safety program or you only take care of the facility portion, this is an important thing to understand.

Safety affects everyone.  It is heavily regulated and understanding how to effectively manage a safety program is vital to FMs everywhere.

What you will learn in the Wellness in the Workplace podcast is:

  1. Where to begin with a Safety Program.
  2. The Job Hazard Analysis
  3. How to mitigate hazards
  4. The Emergency Action Plan
  5. Tips for keeping safety at the forefront of everyone’s minds

Please join me every Tuesday on The Learning FM Podcast for new information on Facility Management and the four knowledge domains.  If you enjoyed this episode, check out the article I wrote about the Six Essential Characteristics of Facility Managers.

So, without further ado, listen closely and email me with any questions you have at  Thanks for listening!

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