This podcast is all about operations and maintenance hard and soft services.  O&M is comprised of two basic services, hard and soft.  This podcast goes in depth on hard services and how to manage them in the most effective way possible.

In this podcast you will learn the following about hard and soft services:

  1. Hard Services
    1. Horizontal Construction
    2. Utilities
    3. Other Exterior Real Property
    4. Buildings
      1. HVAC
      2. Plumbing
      3. Electrical
      4. Communications and IT
      5. FF&E
  2. Soft Services
    1. Groundskeeping
    2. Custodial Work
    3. Security

I really hope you’ve gotten a lot out of this podcast.  So, without further ado, listen closely and email me with any questions you have at  Thanks for listening!

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